An engine and transmission diagnosis by Auto Tech helps to identify future issues, as we can read out the codes of your car’s onboard computer and perform mechanical repairs preventatively. We offer mechanical repairs and fix motor errors as soon as possible, to maintain optimal performance. Our goal is to offer a correct diagnosis every time, and an affordable option for a high-quality mechanical repair of your motor or transmission.

Thanks to our large network of car part suppliers, we can source any required motor or transmission part, both the original version or a more affordable high-quality replacement.

Transmission is also critical, and the following can mean problems:

Longer time for shifting between gears than normal, i.e. with little pauses between gears

Transmission | Malvern Auto Tech

Manual shifting makes problems: stick is hard to move or does not want to go into the gears

When your car feels like it’s shaking at any speed

Burnt smell from the motor area

Grinding, slipping or jumping transmission when shifting

Fluid leaking

All oils and fluids | Malvern Auto Tech

Transmission fluid is smelling foul, too thick or looking cloudy

Unusual sounds

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