A car’s exhaust system is not only designed to reduce noise, but it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system not only sound better, but they are better for the environment. Problems with the exhaust system can also lead to a higher fuel spend.

We offer a full range of exhausts and complete exhaust systems to suit more than 2,000 vehicles (including European makes and 4WD models) which can be expertly fitted. We have everything from high performance mufflers and exhaust systems to value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems.

Some of the exhaust system checks and repairs we offer are:

Emission tests

Checks for leaks, holes or other physical damage to exhaust and muffler

Catalytic converter checks and repairs

Computer diagnosis of electronic issues

Exhaust system upgrades for better fuel economy and more power

A vehicle exhaust system is quite complex and as soon as one part ceases to work properly, it has various knock-on effects on the car’s fuel economy and the environment. While the motor runs, the car produces emissions. These consist of six gases, and half of them are toxic and need to be filtered out. The manifold in the car diverts the gases from the motor cylinders and leads them through the catalytic converter, where the toxic gases are removed.

The gases pass through the muffler, which reduces the noise with its intelligent construction of internal tubes (sound waves crash against each other to cancel each other out). When the muffler has a hole in it due to physical damage or corrosion over time, the noise is so much louder, as the sound waves can escape. The tailpipe leads the exhaust gases away from the passengers, and out of the car.

A fully intact exhaust system does not only contribute to a cleaner environment and reduce noise, but it has a major impact on your car’s power and fuel efficiency.

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