Log Book Service

We can undertake your manufacturer’s handbook / log book service at Malvern Auto Tech and keep your car in great shape. Our car service matches any dealership service, because we work only with high-quality parts and deliver outstanding workmanship. Our log book service includes:

  • Conducted by very qualified & experienced staff
  • Brake check and written inspection report
  • Exhaust check and written inspection report
  • Suspension check and written inspection report
  • Service according to the manufacturer’s specification
  • Use of high-quality parts where required

For one-on-one personal service, visit us to carry out your log book service.

If you have any enquiries regarding the service, repair or modification of your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9824 7778.

What is a log book service?


Sometimes people ask us what’s the difference between a normal car service and a log book service. While a normal car service can be done anytime to check fluids, lights and the general road safety of your vehicle, a log book service sticks to certain intervals a manufacturer sets. Every car make and model has a logbook which specifies at which age or which kilometre intervals a certain service needs to be done in order to maintain your car in perfect shape. As every car is slightly different and built with different materials and components, a log book service at Malvern Auto Tech is the best way to maintain your car healthy and safe.

Our experienced team at Malvern Auto Tech provides log book service that matches any dealership service, but we can offer you a much more affordable price. Known for our high quality of work, our friendly customer service and our transparency and honesty, you can be sure to leave your vehicle in the very best hands when getting your regular log book service at Malvern Auto Tech.

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