What’s the difference between a logbook service a normal service? Whilst a normal car service can be carried out at any time to check fluids, lights and the general road safety of your vehicle, a log book service maintains certain interval between services that the vehicle manufacturer sets.

Every car’s make and model has a logbook which specifies at which age, or which kilometre intervals, a certain service needs to be completed. As every car is slightly different and built with different materials and components, a log book service is the best way to maintain your car healthy and safe.

We regularly undertake your manufacturer’s handbook / log book service according to the manufacturer’s specification at a much more cost efficient manner compared to dealerships, which includes the following, accompanied by a written inspection report:

Brakes | Malvern Auto Tech

Brake check

Exhaust | Malvern Auto Tech

Exhaust check

Steering and suspension | Malvern Auto Tech

Suspension check

Use of high-quality parts where required

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