Our expert team are experienced service technicians of all car types. We pride ourselves on being transparent and preventative in our approach.

We assess all of the mandatory components, and will always bring to our customer’s attention any preventative measures, that we believe are worthwhile considering taking action on to avoid future issues or expense. This allows a collaborative approach to each undertaking. Open communication, clear expectations and accountability are hallmarks of our business. As your vehicle may not always need a full service, we are happy to schedule repairs over time.

Importantly, we are a legitimate alternative to a dealership service, allowing you to maintain your car warranty whilst having greater control on your servicing expenses.


Engine oil and filter | Malvern Auto Tech

Checking your oil and oil filter

Brakes | Malvern Auto Tech

Checking & adjusting your brakes and tyre pressure

Replacement of filters | Malvern Auto Tech

Inspecting your fuel filter, air filter and belts

Checking your fuel system, gearbox and transmission | Malvern Auto Tech

Checking your fuel system, gearbox and transmission

Steering and suspension | Malvern Auto Tech

Checking your lights, suspension and wiper blades

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