A car is a big investment for anyone! A pre-purchase inspection helps you to determine any upcoming issues before you buy a new vehicle. We often help our customers or their family members to better understand their prospective car’s true mechanical condition, which often places them in a better position to negotiate the price with the seller.




Engine oil and filter

All oils and fluids


Steering and suspension

External engine belts and hoses

All lights

Tyres and pressures

Windscreen wipers and washers

Battery test and report

Full safety inspection

A complete inspection will generally take about 3 hours, but may vary depending on the complexity of the work required. A thorough inspection of all the mechanical components of the vehicle, with a checklist detailing any faults identified, particularly those that should be repaired under statutory or factory warranty is provided.

Importantly, we are a legitimate alternative to a dealership service, allowing you to maintain your car warranty whilst having greater control on your servicing expenses.

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