Aside from servicing, we offer mechanical repairs for all makes and models. Our transparent and collaborative approach remains. We discuss the options of an affordable ‘fix’ with high quality parts, or the potentially more expensive option of original parts.

We can schedule necessary car repairs over time if your budget is tight, but we maintain a safety-first approach. Most importantly, we only conduct any repair works if you have approved them upfront.

Our team has significant experience in repairs across locally manufactured and European manufactured makes and models. We offer a wide range of repairs and can source every part required via our our extensive and trusted network of suppliers.

Some of the most common mechanical car repairs we offer are:

Brake repairs

Exhaust repairs

Engine and transmission repairs

Suspension repairs

Scratch and dent repairs

Electronic repairs

Belt repairs

Clutch repairs

Motor repairs

Light/electric circuit repairs

If you feel that something is not right but you can’t pinpoint it, drop in for a vehicle test and we’ll find out what’s happening. Safety for yourself and other drivers is paramount and waiting for your next service can be dangerous.

As always, we first provide a quote that’s fully transparent, so you can decide and approve. You’re welcome to join us in the workshop where we can explain the works we need to conduct.

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