These four values underpin our culture, and guide the way we work and treat our customers, and their vehicles. They also represent the biggest reputational issues in the auto repair industry, and we pride ourselves on showcasing the opposite.

Our values have driven the loyalty that we enjoy from both our customer base, and our staff. Thriving in a fun, yet highly accountable environment, we have staff who have been with us from the outset some 20+ years ago, through to two staff who have been here the least amount of time: seven years and counting! We’re a tight-knit team that are proud of the high-performance culture that we continue to cultivate, in both of our sites.

Our team are passionate about providing cutting edge knowledge and technical care for all vehicles. We specialise particularly in European luxury vehicles, utilising the highest quality parts at affordable prices, all the while allowing our customers to maintain their vehicle warranties.

Our values also inform our ways of working. Before the commencement of any work on a vehicle, we provide cost estimate to our customer for approval following our assessment of the vehicle. In doing so, we call out what we deem to be critical for the vehicle’s performance and your safety, and we also raise any issues that we believe to be suitable (and optional) preventative measures, to mitigate against future issues and greater expense.

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